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Career Counseling / Guidance

Career counseling is critical in assisting individuals in making educated decisions about their career trajectories.

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Relationship and marriage Counseling

Relationship and marriage counseling can help couples improve their communication, deepen their bond, and overcome difficulties.

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Stress Counseling

Stress counseling is a type of treatment that focuses on assisting clients in efficiently managing and coping with stress.

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Depression Counseling Gestalt Theraphy

Depression counseling utilizing Gestalt therapy is an effective strategy for navigating and overcoming depressive symptoms.

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Behaviour Therapy

Behavior therapy is an evidence-based strategy that focuses on identifying and changing harmful behaviors as well as the underlying reasons for such behaviors.

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Life Coaching Counseling

Life coaching counseling is a type of support that focuses on assisting clients in gaining clarity, setting objectives, and making positive changes in their life.

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General Counseling

General counseling is a diverse and all-encompassing type of therapy that tries to provide support, direction, and solutions to persons dealing with a wide range of personal, emotional, and mental health issues.

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Grief Counseling

Grief counseling is a type of therapy that focuses on offering support and direction to those who are dealing with the emotional and psychological issues that come with grief and loss.

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Bullying/Ragging and school refusal Counseling

Bullying, ragging, and school refusal counseling are critical interventions that address the emotional and psychological consequences of these difficult situations in schools.

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